Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oral History: David Tarpley

Listen to David Tarpley, who came to LAS in 1971, describe his early experiences at the Legal Aid Society as well as some interesting cases.
David Tarpley

Highlights include discussion of Hardy v. Doyle in which then Legal Services of Nashville filed suit against every general sessions judge.

"It was kind of scary," Tarpley said. "We were watching where we were going and how well we were driving."

The interview includes suits filed against the Seasoned Sash Companies, a major consumer rights case in the late 1980s.

"They would call and set up an appointment for around 6 p.m., promising it would only take an hour," Tarpley said. "We learned later through discovery that a team of two salesmen would come to your house and often they were monitored from outside. If they spent less than four hours in your home without making sale, their pay was docked."

"In some cases the doors and windows that were purchased exceeded the value of the house."


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